Responsible, open, unique

The experience acquired by Mhylab, and its staff, allows it to offer a complete set of engineering services in the field of small hydro.
Whether involved in a global international-scale project, or participating in a local one, Mhylab commits itself to systematically involve its customer in all the procedures undertaken. Since Mhylab is convinced that a project’s success is directly related to the pooling of competences and to relations of trust, it seeks to establish full partnership with its customers.
Cost, performance, and reliability: three criteria at the root of all of Mhylab’s developments and services. Thanks to its technical network, Mhylab can count on the support and cooperation both of Institutes of technology, and of various complementary partner engineering firms. This broadminded approach allows it to deliver complete services that can fully satisfy you.
Our structure allows a very flexible approach to the achievement of projects, thus enabling us to offer tailor-made products, however large the amount of work involved.
R&D performed in Mhylab’s laboratory improves our knowledge of hydraulic phenomena in small turbines. This is particularly important when dealing with the processes involved in the design of hydraulic schemes, in establishing specifications, in tender analyses, in assisting in the reception of equipment, and in setting up diagnostic tests, among others. This synergy with R&D allows Mhylab to possess unique competences.
Mhylab’s ethical stand and its competence make it a privileged and responsible partner, for all projects in the field of small hydro.

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