As from its inception, Mhylab has wished to develop a formative activity of which the following examples, past and present, are characteristic:

  • Teaching within the framework of the postgraduate ERTA course, organized by the HESSO
  • Teaching within the framework of the postgraduate « Sustainable Hydropower » course organized by the European association for small hydro, and the TU Wien in Austria.
  • Organization of the study week on Electricity and small power plants, during which young people who intend to follow technical and scientific training get familiar with small hydro, its advantages, its ecological implications, etc.
  • Organization of an introduction to small hydro, for various technical schools, professional associations, etc.
  • Teaching within the framework of the EPFL energy postgraduate course, and that of the university of Lausanne service-training on renewable energies.
  • Care of trainees and students in the laboratory, for periods varying from a few days to six months.

Whatever your expectations, Mhylab can offer tailor-made training suited to your needs and for the period of your choice.


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