Studies and services

Mhylab offers a complete range of services comprising:

  • Feasibility and preliminary draft studies in order to analyze the different possibilities a given site offers, and thus evaluate their technical and economic values, in view of a given project,
  • Detailed draft projects, where the solution selected through the feasibility study is analyzed in full detail,
  • Calls for tenders, their analyses and the placing of orders, for which Mhylab offers expert consultant services which are totally independent of all manufacturers,
  • Project follow-up, assistance for equipment reception and commissioning of installations are phases during which Mhylab’s activity guarantees the quality of the project from the onset of planning to the commissioning of the installation,
  • Study of sites’ potential and their identification, on a given territory,
  • On-site tests in order to determine the characteristics of an existing facility,
  • Writing brochures and technical documents relating to small hydro,
  • Design of hydro-mechanical devices such as by-passes, Carnot energy sinks, etc.,
  • Spot advice to the operators.

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