Hydraulic design

Our turbine’s hydraulic design rests on the following procedure:

  • Resizing, simplifying, and adapting the hydraulic technology of large turbines
  • Bench testing
  • Gauging the impact of adaptations and simplifications in order to optimize fabrication performance/cost ratios.

In order to respect the criterion of simplicity, the machines offered are designed so that the largest possible numbers of elements are standard, or can be supplied by non-specialized sub-contractors. This approach favors the construction of hydro-mechanical equipments in the vicinity of the construction site.
The machines offered reach a mechanical efficiency of the order of 90%, guaranteed by test results and their corresponding certificates. Thus, the Project owner is both freed from on-site performance tests, and is given the necessary information to determine with certainty, before-hand, the profitability of his project.
Developing ranges of machines in the laboratory warrants that performance specifications are respected. This avoids the inevitable damages, both to operator and constructor, when guarantees are not respected.
The results of this research are at the disposal of whoever asks for them, with no exclusivity. In compensation, the customer is asked to participate in the development costs of the type of machine in consideration, and in any tailoring he may require.
On the basis of data given by the customer, the laboratory supplies all the information required to build the machine. In particular:

  • The type of turbine.
  • Efficiency and mechanical power curves function of discharge.
  • Nominal and runaway speed of rotation.
  • Forces on the runner and buckets
  • Maximum suction head, for reaction turbines.
  • Complete hydraulic profile of the turbine and its runner.

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