Mhylab has a staff that is highly qualified in hydraulic machinery and small facilities. It is composed of:
Vincent Denis
Director, Mechanical engineer EPFL, MSc in Energy
After graduating at the LMH (Hydraulic Machines Laboratory) in EPFL, Vincent Denis worked for SGI Ingénierie SA, on various hydroelectric projects in Switzerland and India, as well as on “water and sanitation” projects in Morocco, all the while completing his education in energy at EPFL. He is active in Mhylab since 1996, of which he is Director. His activities cover laboratory R&D, engineering and counseling both in Switzerland and internationally. For the past ten years, he has been lecturer for various postgraduate courses, especially at EPFL and the HES-SO. He is a member of the European association for small hydro, in Brussels (ESHA) and officiates regularly as assessor of research and development framework programs of the European Union (5th, 6th and 7th PCRD).
On a personal capacity, Vincent Denis is, since 1994, member of his commune’s Municipality, of which he is mayor since 2011.
Aline Choulot
Project leader, Energy Engineer INSA (National institute of Applied Sciences) in Lyon (France), MSc in Energy, EPFL
After getting her degree at INSA, Aline Choulot works for the Finnish environmental Institute in Helsinki, where she treats problems of pollution in paper mills. She then joins an international company where she deals with energy auditing and risk, and pollution analyses. She joins Mhylab in 2004 where she takes an active part in the laboratory development of low and medium head turbines. Her training and experience enable her to moreover carry out numerous projects and studies for third parties. In charge of numerous site and plant studies, she also headed the project for the establishment of a hydroelectric registry, for the state of Vaud (CH). Aline Choulot is also head of the French-speaking branch of the Swiss Confederation “Infoénergie” program for small hydro plants.
Laurent Smati
PhD Mechanical engineer from Ecole Centrale de Lyon
After a thesis on digital and unsteady turbomachinery analysis, he participated in the European research program TURMUNSFLAT, by developing a model of unsteady turbulence for aircraft turbines. After managing aeroacoustic projects in the field of automobile, he joined in 2000, GDF SUEZ Group, where he held several positions in the field of energy. He manages, in particular, projects of electromechanic equipments for big industrial sites. During eight years, he participated in the design, construction and the starting of about twenty electro-compression facilities for a power from 5 to 36 MW. He has over fifteen years of experience in the field of turbomachinery types and powers. He joined Mhylab in August 2012 as a project manager. He is specialized in engineering studies and advice for the production of small hydro-power plants and pumped-storage, since the phase of the feasibility study, the purchase of hydro-electro-mechanical equipment, to the starting of the power plant .
Alberto Bullani
Mechanical engineer EPFL
Graduated from the EPFL, Alberto Bullani worked at the LMH (Laboratory for Hydraulic Machines) of the EPFL as testing engineer. In close collaboration with the major players of the international hydraulic domain, he realized model tests for hydraulic turbines and pumps turbines in the framework of research, development and Witness test campaigns. He joins Mhylab in March 2018 where it takes the responsibility of the R&D development and laboratory model tests for low head turbines. In his functions, he is involved into national and international engineering projects for medium and low head turbines.


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